You’re too kind…

I’ve created and maintained the Brilliant Deduction web site and blog in hopes that people would find them interesting and entertaining. If you have—that’s wonderful!

If you really feel like showing your appreciation and somehow supporting this project, well, that’s even more wonderful. The least I can do is accommodate you. Here’s how you can say “thanks” or “way to go” if you’re so minded:

  • buy my book, or encourage others to do so…
  • …then give it a review (which, in this context, I presume would be positive). Most places selling the book invite this, I think.
  • hire me for graphic design projects, or encourage others to do so.
  • buy me a beer or something (mainly practical only for those who live in or around Cleveland, unless I go on a book tour, which I’ll announce if one should be arranged but don’t hold your breath is all I’m saying).
  • just contact me and say “thanks” or “way to go.”

That should do it. I don’t have a “tip jar” and I’m not an affiliate, mostly because at present I figure anything along those lines would be fairly low-return and, well, screw it.

Anyway, thank you for taking an interest,


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