Chicago Art Institute surprise

Posted by Matt Kuhns on Sep 17, 2014

Expect an announcement or two around here, soon, about a new book. Meanwhile, a brief note related to Brilliant Deduction. Last weekend I was in Chicago, and visited The Art Institute among other attractions. While there, I was surprised to glance across a gallery and see this familiar image:

The Elaine, displayed at Chicago Art Institute

By Toby Rosenthal

I’m sure I’ve read at some point or other that The Elaine, briefly stolen in the 19th century before its recovery by Isaiah Lees, is today at the Art Institute. I had not given it any thought, however, so discovering it unexpectedly was a delightful bit of serendipity. The accompanying text panel makes no note of the painting’s adventure or the hero thereof, whose own portrait was once displayed alongside The Elaine

But we know.

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