Gained in Translation

Posted by Matt Kuhns on Apr 1, 2013
Draft front cover art for Deduktivebrillanz

Translator is apparently “translator” in German

I am pleased to announce that Brilliant Deduction will have a second life, of sorts, beginning next year! A few details remain but I now have permission to announce an exciting deal between Lyon Hall and Edition Epoca of Zurich: a German-language translation of my book.

Deduktivebrillanz: die wahre Geschichte der großen Detektive is projected for release in early 2014. Naturally, I will have limited involvement with the project, given that I know perhaps a dozen words of German. But I have every confidence in Edition Epoca’s selection of noted translator and author in his own right Professor Kurt Schwartzholdt.

Just as naturally, this gratifying turn of events has been a tremendously unexpected development…

And just as naturally, therefore, you may be forgiven for suspecting that the whole thing is a decidedly thin APRIL FOOL‘s Day joke. It is! Any genuine professors or others named Kurt Schwartzholdt are entirely uninvolved with my book and unknown to me. There is presently no translated edition of Brilliant Deduction planned or even under discussion with Edition Epoca, or anyone else. Though of course I welcome offers

Apologies if this seems too silly, meanwhile; I don’t normally go in for April Foolery and frankly find the fake news bit rather tedious in most cases.

But, once I got the idea, I just couldn’t resist trying to translate my book’s title into German. You’ve got to admit, Deduktivebrillanz: die wahre Geschichte der großen Detektive sounds pretty impressive.

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