Great photos of great detectives, no. 1

Posted by Matt Kuhns on Jan 26, 2013

Inspired by Mark Evanier’s “Great Photos of…” series, I’ll drop an interesting picture into the blog now and then.

Pat Connell, William Pinkerton and Sam Finley

Pat Connell, William Pinkerton and Sam Finley, c. 1880. Library of Congress photo [ LC-DIG-ppmsca-10781]

This one is an absolute classic. William Pinkerton and a couple of associates, looking verrrry “Rough Western Hombres.” It absolutely looks like a souvenir photo from some “dress up in period costumes” studio. Yet, these guys were the real thing. All three of the Pinkertons genuinely were hardy men of the frontier, well able to handle themselves in a fight. Pat Connell, on the left, was no delicate flower, either (as amply demonstrated by one adventure included in Brilliant Deduction).

I’ll trust that Sam Finley knew which end of those guns was which, also.

(Photo from the Library of Congress.)

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