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Posted by Matt Kuhns on Nov 9, 2012

My name is Matt Kuhns. In the summer of 2010, I thought of a question and decided it was a question worth trying to answer: who are or were the greatest detectives ever, in real life? About two and a half years later, I’m nearly ready to present the world with the answers I found, in the form of a book called Brilliant Deduction. (If you’re here you’ve probably figured out that much already.)

I’m very proud of the book, you can read all about what’s in it throughout this web site, and I really hope you’ll buy a copy and enjoy reading it. But, while I think it’s a great introduction to some of the greatest detectives ever outside the realms of fiction, it’s still an introduction. Even though this subject has gotten relatively little attention compared with, say, the NFL or the Civil War or the late Steve Jobs, I came across a lot more information than I could fit in a single book. I still continue to come across interesting tidbits related to this or that detective’s life or career, and I’ve got all sorts of stray thoughts and asides which didn’t quite find a place in the book but seem like they might make excellent material for a blog.

So that’s what you’re going to get, here. It will be kind of an extended, serialized notes section for Brilliant Deduction along with a journal of whatever may follow from actually publishing the book and (I hope) its finding an audience with their own thoughts on the subject. Which, I should add, you’re welcome to share; comments are moderated but as long as you aren’t trying to sell pharmaceuticals or gucci handbags, I’ll probably approve them.

In summation, I’m strangely reminded of the very first Garfield strip, introduced to the world right around four weeks before I was. Welcome to Brilliant Deduction (the blog):

Our only thought is to entertain you (BUY MY BOOK!)

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