Library Journal’s Verdict

Posted by Matt Kuhns on Mar 4, 2013

The first formal review of Brilliant Deduction (that I have seen) is up, and I’m very happy to share the verdict here. Writing for Library Journal, Kirsta Bush reports:

Beginning with 18th-century Frenchman Vidocq (whom the author credits with creating the private detective agency), Kuhns takes his readers through time and across several countries in a Who’s Who of real detectives, concluding with Parker, who died in 1940. The book devotes a chapter to each man’s life.

Verdict Readers may wonder why these real-life detectives have faded from memory while the Hercule Poirots of fiction remain well known. Here Kuhns tackles a topic that has not had extensive coverage, and this book will appeal to true crime aficionados, as well as the vast realm of mystery lovers.

It’s a brief review, but: it’s positive, and it’s from Library Journal. Now I really am somebody! Thank you, Ms. Bush and Library Journal.

I’ve created a page for reviews and other reactions, now, listed above in the main menu. Hopefully more to come, hopefully also favorable.

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