More writing, free: Quantum Whatever

Posted by Matt Kuhns on Jun 8, 2013

For those who have enjoyed Brilliant Deduction, this blog, or for anyone else who may be reading this for some other reason, I would like to offer up a previous literary effort: Quantum Whatever. This is a ‘zine I produced in 2011, in partnership with a gifted writer and remarkably talented photographer I knew in college, collecting artwork, prose and poetry. Copies are free for the asking. Leave a comment, e-mail me; call, send a postcard, even.

I should note that in issue #32 of the Xerography Debt meta-zine, D. Blake Werts wrote that Quantum Whatever “is something to behold. I cannot recommend this any more than I am. With the price set at FREE, you absolutely have no reason to skip this one.” (And no, neither I nor my co-creator knows the reviewer.)

For those interested, a bit more information about this project may be found at my other blog, e.g. here and here. But the best way to learn more is just asking for a copy.

Paper! Ink! Staples!!

Copies are available. I’ll update this post if/when I ever run out!

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