Brilliant Deduction beer tour, part 2

Posted by Matt Kuhns on May 17, 2013

The conclusion to my suggested beer pairings for the chapters of Brilliant Deduction. As in part one, there aren’t any firm rules operating; I’m just going with what seems like a fitting option. I am trying to stick with bottled beers, though, so that possibility at least exists that one person could acquire all of the main suggestions without having to personally visit breweries from California to central Europe. (Of course, if you have the means and inclination, more power to you.) Even this is probably a tall order, though, so I also include at least one alternative selection for each chapter. Now, onward.

Disclaimer: the author does not condone underage or unsafe drinking, please do not attempt this or any “beer tour” in part or in whole or even visit the following links unless you have obtained the age necessary for responsible judgments about alcohol as defined by your local laws and statutes; please enjoy alcoholic beverages and alcohol-related writing only in moderation.

Isaiah lees

Part two kicks off with another easy choice: Anchor Steam beer. Anchor Brewing alleges that its roots can be traced as far back as Lees’s own arrival in San Francisco with the 1849 Gold Rush; that’s probably more wishful thinking than history, but this is otherwise a perfect pairing. Though born in England and raised in the northeastern US, Lees became a thorough San Franciscan over the course of 50+ years in the city. Meanwhile, the Anchor name nods to Lees’s various maritime adventures; steam beer, in addition to being a historic local style, is a fitting acknowledgement of Lees’s origins as a steam-age mechanic.

A decent alternative is almost more difficult, here, given that Anchor Steam is both a perfect choice and relatively widely available. Brew Free! Or Die IPA, from 21st Amendment, might not be bad. Like Lees, the IPA style is English in origin. The cartoon of a pugnacious Abe Lincoln, meanwhile, is not inappropriate for a detective whose career included both the Civil War years and multiple episodes of two-fisted action, as well.

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