Ellis Parker gets an update

Posted by Matt Kuhns on Jan 7, 2013

I only discovered this as I was going through the final steps of publishing my own book’s first edition, but John Reisinger has an updated edition of his masterful biography of Ellis Parker, Master Detective.

I already have a print copy of Master Detective, but I purchased the updated ebook right away, and I’m more than happy to call it out here even though I’ve got my own book to flog. Mr. Reisinger was a courteous source of help with Brilliant Deduction more than once, and I greatly appreciate that as well as his fine work recovering the story of Ellis Parker in the first place. I also commend the fact that he has continued that work. The fascinating, forgotten story of amazing detection in real life tends to get under one’s skin, though…

The new edition seems to be available at Amazon in paperback and ebook formats. I also recommend taking a moment to browse around the author’s own web site, though; a lot of nifty little notes, including how Master Detective has ended up being licensed for Chinese and Taiwanese editions.

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to discuss a foreign-language edition of Brilliant Deduction, step right up

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