Midwest Book Review-ed

Posted by Matt Kuhns on Mar 12, 2013

The latest notices from Midwest Book Review are in, and Brilliant Deduction scores again:

From old hands in the crime game trading in their black hat for a white one, spy hunters turning their focus home, freelancers who helped the police bring justice, “Brilliant Deduction” is a must for anyone who loves true crime or wants to learn more about how Sherlock Holmes and his ilk have more connection to reality than we truly know.


Just to dispel confusion (which has now manifested in multiple reviews), though, I should emphasize that Brilliant Deduction is published by Lyon Hall Press. Which has absolutely nothing to do with Lyons Press, of Guilford Connecticut. Nor is the name any direct reference at all to Lyon, the French city that (Wikipedia informs me) is in fact spelled “Lyons” by Anglophone society but not by the community’s own residents…

Still, the book’s the thing, and I always appreciate positive notices.

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