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Formal Reviews

Library Journal: “Kuhns takes his readers through time and across several countries in a Who’s Who of real detectives… Here Kuhns tackles a topic that has not had extensive coverage, and this book will appeal to true crime aficionados, as well as the vast realm of mystery lovers.” — Krista Bush

San Francisco Book Review: 4/5 stars. “…Kuhns does an exemplary job of placing each detective within the historical context of the time in order to highlight both their virtues and flaws… By wiping away the myths and legends and focusing on the facts, Kuhns has made these men more human, but no less intriguing.” – Glenn Dallas

Midwest Book Review: “From old hands in the crime game trading in their black hat for a white one, spy hunters turning their focus home, freelancers who helped the police bring justice, ‘Brilliant Deduction’ is a must for anyone who loves true crime or wants to learn more about how Sherlock Holmes and his ilk have more connection to reality than we truly know.”

Closed the Cover blog: 4/5 stars. “…intoxicating … a riveting read from beginning to end. … For anyone interested in criminal forensics or mystery it is unbelievably fascinating. It’s a recommended read for anyone interested in true crime, mystery and history.” – Ashley LaMar

Succotash Reviews blog: “A great read, for both mystery and history buffs as Brilliant Deduction combines the two. It is highly recommended for those that think those fictional characters are the most dynamic detectives around.” – Renee Shelton

More Reactions

John Reisinger, author of Ellis Parker biography Master Detective: “…a great job condensing EP’s career and giving a sense of the man and his times. The cases in Brilliant Deduction read like the best mystery fiction, but they are all true and fascinating… reminding us that the greatest crime detection gadget remains the human mind.”

Derek Ross, primary author of “Ignatius Paul Pollaky”: “Naturally I turned to the chapter on Pollaky first and I must say that I loved it. Lots of good new material on his cases.”

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