Welcome to 2013

Posted by Matt Kuhns on Jan 1, 2013

Happy new year. Now it begins: after two years of planning, dreaming, researching and preparing, in 2013 my first-ever book will debut at last. Officially, the hardcover will be available in February with paperback and ebook to follow, although copies of the hardcover have been sneaking out into the public already. (Apparently I am not alone in this.)

My great publicity blitz shall accordingly commence, shortly. I’ll post notes on how it goes here on the blog, along with continued tidbits and asides related to the content of the book. I may not quite manage it all the time, but my goal is to start posting at least 4-5 times per week through the first half of this year. So by all means, bookmark this site or subscribe to the rss feed or the Twitter updates; I will do my best to feed the internet’s ravenous hunger for regularly updated content.


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