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Posted by Matt Kuhns on May 13, 2013

Reviewer Ashley LaMar has very nice things to say about Brilliant Deduction, at the Closed the Cover blog:

I became so fully engrossed in [Brilliant Deduction] I couldn’t simply read it and put it away. I had to continue to pursue information and research. It’s intoxicating.

It was a riveting read from beginning to end. In addition to reading about the detectives it was also curious to read about the advancement of detective skills. How did [undercover] work first begin? What about footprint analysis? DNA? Fingerprinting? Tracking and observation? Informers? For anyone interested in criminal forensics or mystery it is unbelievably fascinating. It’s a recommended read for anyone interested in true crime, mystery and history.

… The research and storytelling is superb!

Does one blush?

In the context of such praise, one can hardly mind a modest criticism: “the number of sentences that began with the conjunctions ‘and’ or ‘but.’” Ms. LaMar is most considerate in pointing out that this is controversial, and that even with her own disapproval of the practice she “still enjoyed the book very much.” In light of such courteously presented complaint, one shall make at least some effort to moderate this practice in one’s next book.

Meanwhile, I have added this four-star review to my page of notices.

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